4 Ways To Reduce Stress During Your Pregnancy

Pregnant woman in a yoga mat

Let’s face it: pregnancy is a wonderful journey yet it can be quite stressful. For all you mothers-to-be out there, we understand the stress you’re going through. Especially with the added stress of coping with the COVID-19 virus and taking the necessary health precautions to keep you safe and protected. So, we have shared 4 ways to reduce your stress during pregnancy that we hope can help you have a smooth pregnancy.

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Extreme Stress and Pregnancy: Serious Side Effects

Some studies have found that extreme stress during pregnancy can have serious side effects. From increasing cortisol ( stress hormone) to preterm delivery, it’s very important to try to reduce your stress to have a safe pregnancy.

Focus On A Healthy Lifestyle: Low Impact Exercise and Good Sleep Routine

Have you ever wondered why you always feel tired during your pregnancy?

Well, this is because of your hormonal changes that your body is experiencing. Such as, increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone might cause fatigue levels to rise up.

Also, stress and anxiety might make you feel tired and have no energy.

So, focusing on healthy habits can boost your energy levels and get you going throughout the day. Here are some helpful tips:

1.   Do Low Impact Exercise

Remember to consult with your doctor if you are able to perform these exercises.

  • Try to do exercise activities that get your blood circulation moving without leaving you exhausted. Exercise can build muscle strength to prepare you for delivery, improves post-natal recovery, and helps you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.
  • So, try to do :
  1. prenatal yoga that builds strength and calms your mind
  2. prenatal pilates for extra flexibility
  3. prenatal aerobics to tone your muscles

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2.   Take Power Naps

  • Try to take short naps during the day if you feel tired or sleepy.
  • Also, waking up and sleeping at the same time daily can regulate your sleeping routine.

3.   Eat Small Meals, Limit Caffeine, And Stay Hydrated

Consult with your doctor or dietitian on a suitable eating plan for you and your baby.

During pregnancy, you’re eating for 2! This means choosing well balanced and healthy meals. By doing that, you’re on the right track for having the optimal nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, as well as, a healthy development for your baby.

  • So, remember to eat well-balanced small meals throughout the day. This will not only give you energy but also maintains steady blood sugar levels to avoid hunger spikes.
  • Also, try to focus on these important nutrients to be included in your meals:
  1. folic acid
  2. calcium
  3. iron
  • So, include in your eating plan some green leafy veggies, citrus fruits, beans, fish (watch out for mercury levels), lean meat, lean chicken, and dairy products.

4.    Being Mindful Is Key

Last but not least, keep calm. It’s easy for us to say that, but meditation and clearing your thoughts is key.

  • Focus on the things you can control and ask for help when needed.
  • Also, practice prenatal yoga and breathing techniques that will help you relax and calm your mind.
  • Remember to reduce screen time before bed time and read a book instead.

When you focus on positive moments other than those that are adding to your stress, you’ll feel ready to face any challenges ahead.

To Wrap Up

Feeling stressed during pregnancy is normal as you go through all the physical, emotional and hormonal changes. So, in order to have a smooth pregnancy it’s important to focus on having a healthy lifestyle.

This includes: having healthy balanced meals, doing low impact exercises, staying hydrated and having a good sleeping routine. Also, meditation and prenatal yoga exercises can help relax your mind and focus positive moments.

Hope these tips will help you have a smooth and safe pregnancy!

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