5 Month Baby Development: 5 Things You Need to Know

5 month baby development

As your baby turns 5 months old, they are entering a phase of transition during which they’ll achieve plenty of milestones. At this point in time, your baby starts to try to crawl and might even make the first attempts at trying to speak. The 5th month of your baby’s life marks a very important phase for both the baby and the parents. A better understanding of baby development is extremely important to notice.

Babies grow fast, and understanding month-by-month development is crucial to ensure that your baby isn’t too far behind their targets. Owing to the importance of the 5-month mark for your baby, we’ve listed down 5 of the most important things that you need to know about the development of your 5-month old.

1.    Gain Weight Fast

As your baby turns 5 months old, you’ll see that they gain weight pretty fast. At this point, their weight increases to almost double of what it was at the time of their birth. They may even be ready to accept some semi-solids in their diet.

2.    Motor Skills and Baby Development

By the time your baby turns 5 months old, they’ll be able to sit independently for longer. You may still have to provide them the pillows’ support, but you’ll notice that they can now sit without support for at least a few seconds. Some babies of this age may even roll on their tummies on their own. Your baby starts rocking and working their legs in an attempt to start crawling. You’ll also see that your baby learns to grip things at this age. They can now pull things and hold them firmly, even their feeding bottles. This is all because at 5 months, your baby’s motor skills are getting stronger and a lot more efficient.

3.    Improved Sleep Routine and Habits

Your baby may have started to sleep through the night by this time. However, if your baby still keeps waking up in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that you can set sleep routines and alter their habits at this age. You can establish a proper bedtime routine and bring them into a more regular sleep rhythm. You can start by giving your baby a warm, soothing bath, rock them gently for a while till you see their eyes have started to droop. Put them in their crib when they’re sleepy, not when they’re already asleep. This will teach them to fall asleep on their own. Your baby’s brain and sleep cycles are now developing, and you can take advantage of it.

4.    Improved Vision

Your baby’s vision is also improving at 5 months. Although they still don’t have a perfect vision, their focus has improved drastically by now. Your baby can now perceive colors better and can actually tell two colors apart.

5.    Start Babbling and Baby Development

The age of 5 months is full of surprises for the parents. You’ll be thrilled to know that at 5 months, your baby is already trying to communicate with you. They start babbling. Hold your breath before reading the next line – your baby may even start calling out names like ba-ba and ma-ma. How heartwarming is that?

If your baby is approaching the 5-month mark, you now know the baby development that goes about. You should, therefore, brace yourself for a serious dose of excitement and surprises!

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