6 Amazing Parenting Tips Every New Mom Needs To Know

Being a new mom can be a demanding task without proper guidance. Being surrounded by your parents and grandparents means you’ll be learning new tips and advice from them every day. It can be confusing when deciding what to note and what to overlook. 

Therefore, to make this task a little less intimidating for you, we have compiled six best parenting tips that might help every new mom groom their little one.

1. Avoid silence while your baby is asleep

It’s a common misconception that you must maintain pin-drop silence while the baby sleeps. Since the womb is noisy, your baby is used to the loudness. You can always get your stuff done when they are asleep. Busy homemakers who need to do the daily chores suffer if they make their babies take on the habit of sleeping in silence. Therefore, watch television or do the dishes even when your baby is asleep. 

2. Bathing your baby immediately

The first real bath occurs when your baby’s umbilical cord wears off. To make your baby cry less and enjoy the shower more, try keeping a warm cloth over their belly. Moreover, switch your heater on if you live in a cooler environment. Making your baby love bathing is a real achievement every new mom must excel in.

3. Make the baby-daddy bonding happen

Your baby needs to know that there is someone other than you from whom they can seek comfort. Give your babies time to bond with their dad. This is possible if you let them spend time alone, especially by resisting the urge to comfort them while they cry. Let the dad do the job.

4. Let your baby go in a deep sleep

Keeping your baby awake while feeding them can be a life-saving technique for you. Massage their cheeks slightly to make them active and drink faster. This trick helps your baby get full faster, and when they eat to their fill, they sleep longer. This way, you can get sound sleep every night.

5. Cover your bedding

Having a newborn means endless spits, pees, and poops all over your beds and sofas. Therefore, use soft sheets surfaced with plastic or waterproof mattress covers to avoid permanent damage and water stains to your mattress. 

6. Not preparing a comfortable sleep

New moms find it very difficult to cope with their chores while having a baby asleep in their lap. Babies wake up when laid on their cribs. They don’t feel warmth like they did in their mother’s lap. Warming the blankets before laying your baby in the crib can be an excellent way to overcome this problem.


These are some of the necessary parenting tips that can work wonders for you. If you want to learn more parenting tips or hire a baby nurse for your baby, we offer childcare services right at your doorstep. Manzil Healthcare hires qualified baby nurses who help new moms in their little one’s birth and upbringing. 

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