Gifts for New or Expecting Dads

Every time there is news of the baby’s expected arrival, we mostly buy the mom or the baby gifts. Did we forget someone special? Yes, dads! A baby cannot be possible without the dad’s investment. So, if you are planning to give a new or expecting dad his first gift as a daddy, we got you covered.

We listed great gifts for new or expecting dads that will provide them laughs and appreciation.


Gift idea : Official Dad Uniform

This gift does not benefit only the dad, but also the baby. Getting an expecting dad his official daddy uniform that matches his baby will surely be an adorable scene to see.


New dad : Sweet Ride

Being a dad is another kind of road to take, so be sure to give him a sweet ride that he and the baby will enjoy. Get a future dad a stroller for he’ll be needing it most of the time. He can have a little bonding with his little mini-me along the park while taking a morning stroll. Furthermore, it will serve as an exercise for him and a breath of fresh air for the baby.



Isn’t it adorable seeing a dad carrying his baby on a carrier in public spaces? Not only that, but the carrier lets the dad do things with two hands for easy access while carrying or entertaining the baby. So, be sure to get him a sturdy and stylish carrier for his fatherhood.


New fathers deserve a Nappy Bag

Upon hearing nappy bags, we usually think of ones with colorful designs. However, we should also consider that it is not only the mom who brings the nappy bag throughout the day, but mostly dads, too. It would be cute to see a dad carrying a colorful nappy bag, but shouldn’t we consider their preference? Get a future dad a versatile nappy bag with more of a manly style and color since he’ll be using it a lot of times.



Let him capture all the moments of their lives together with his baby and wife by getting him a camera. He can capture the growth and the moments of their child together with them throughout the years. Furthermore, it will also serve as a memory capsule.


A Cup or a Glass for Expecting fathers

Gift a future dad the cup he’ll be using frequently when the baby comes out. This will accompany him through staying awake at midnight and staying up all day.



You never know what a dad does while taking care of the baby. They may want to read books or magazines to pass time as they watch over the sleeping baby. Hence, you can give them some books that could accompany them as they take care of the kid.

Also, a dad may want to have a journal they can keep to themselves and give to their children later as a time capsule of being with their children since childhood. This memoir book will serve as little yet important moments they’ve captured in their minds and hearts.



Whatever gifts for new or expecting dads you have in mind, he will gladly appreciate it. So, go for it. Help him get packing for one of the greatest road trips they’ll take in their life. Your simple gifts can relieve their worries and help them get prepared for this life-changing event of their lives.

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