Self-Love and Baby Blues

Postpartum depression and baby blues are real. Being a mom is a tough job as much as it is loved, now adding the pandemic to it cannot make the task any easier, can it?

At Manzil, we understand how the changing world can affect your mindset especially with your baby on the way or a young one to care for. However, you are not alone in your fight to protect your babies and children. Feeling the baby blues set in is common amongst new mothers.

Self Love

Today, we come with a reminder– you need to also remember to care for yourself. Early understandings of your needs are as important as caring for your new-born. Research has shown that young mothers can often find themselves falling prey to baby blues or postpartum blues, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Baby blues, a temporary phase filled with a roller coaster of emotions, is completely normal and many women find themselves battling many emotions especially after having given birth.

It is noted that out of 5 women, at least 4 have reported feeling the blues. A new mom can either feel it immediately after giving birth, or she might find herself facing the emotions a few days after. Nevertheless, it is completely normal to feel rush of emotions within yourself. After all, you just gave birth. We do recommend that if after two weeks of birthing, you still feel depressed that is your sign to visit a doctor.

How to differentiate between baby blues and postpartum depression

What is important here is that you identify how you are feeling and talk about it. We here at Manzil have caregivers who can be present with you at all times of your day and offer

Postpartum depression is felt longer than the blues. If you feel depressed after 2/3 weeks of childbirth, chances are that what are feeling is something more serious. Baby blues will not affect your quality of life, but postpartum depression (PPD) will. Symptoms of PPD are persistent and will not go on their own. You will need to consult a doctor.

If you feel that you are fighting your emotions too much, don’t ignore the symptoms and seek help.

How to fight the baby blues:

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Understand that it is completely normal to feel the baby blues

If you have a constant urge to cry or cannot overcome sadness, chances are that you have postpartum blues. Your bad mood or your temperament doesn’t make you a bad mother. However, identifying the problem and fixing it will help you care for your child and yourself better.

You are not alone

As a new mother, you might find yourself constantly battling thoughts which can be extremely invasive. But knowing that you aren’t alone helps. So, we are here to reiterate that you aren’t. You have your partner, family, us here to help you get through this. 80% of new moms feel postpartum blues.

Eat, sleep and repeat

Some new moms often find themselves struggling with their lost appetite. If you don’t feel like eating for more than two weeks, and your relationship with food hasn’t changed, you must visit a doctor, or ask us to arrange a visit for you. You must also make it a point to rest as much as you can especially when your newborn is also sleeping. We understand that it can be difficult being a new parent, but you are doing the best job, just do not forget to care for yourself. As a new parent, you will have to adjust your sleeping pattern to that of your child. If you don’t rest, when the baby is resting, you will feel the blues.

Love yourself – exercise more

If you don’t feel like moving around, don’t worry – that is also completely normal. However, we insist that you go for walks and eventually increase your workout routine. A healthy body will help you feel better. And don’t rush to get back into those jeans, you have time. Don’t let social media affect your motherhood journey and corrupt your mind.

Talk about your woes

You are not alone, and we here to remind you. You can talk to your partner, therapist or us. But try to find a window for your thoughts. After giving birth, your body fluctuates with different hormones. Your uterus is going back to its original shape, you are lactating, etc. these changes in the hormones are enough to trigger anybody let alone a new mom. Such hormonal disbalance also makes making decision a difficult task, which is why you need to talk about how you are feeling.

Love yourself

Your body is nothing less than a miracle. It needs as much love as you can bestow. We know that with a new born to find time for yourself cannot be easy, but give yourself 5 minutes to do something that you enjoy. You might soon start to feel burn out or constantly exhausted with a new born to care for, so let your partner take over, or we offer certified nanny services that you could utilize. One way or the other, you will have more time to relax and rewind.


You should try to connect and talk with new moms just like yourself. There is nothing wrong in feeling so many emotions rush through your body. It takes a little time to find yourself again, but don’t forget to love yourself extra on those days.

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