Diala Itani

Diala Itani

Psychotherapist, Counselor, Life Coach

Diala Itani is a dedicated and compassionate professional with a deep passion for psychology, counseling, and education. With dual master’s degrees in Guidance and Counseling from LAU, Beirut, and Helping Relations and Family Therapy from McGill, Montreal, she possesses a rich educational background, complemented by Bachelor’s degrees in Psychoeducation and Clinical Psychology.

Diala is a true multi-talent, serving as a psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, coach, family educator, NLP master practitioner, university instructor, and skills trainer. Her approach is all about you, focusing on empathy, respect, and personalized guidance for individuals, couples, and groups. By offering therapy, counseling, and coaching sessions, she is your trusted partner on the rewarding path to nurturing a happier and healthier family life.


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