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Who are the M&B specialists at Manzil?

Our Mother & Baby Specialists are a team of all-female healthcare professionals. They are fluent in English and are made up of nurses, midwives, certified nursing assistants and certified caregivers. They are trained to provide the best care for your little ones.

Will I know anything about my Babysitter/Childcarer before they arrive?

When looking for long-term childcare, we want to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with the Mother & Baby Specialist assigned. To do this, we can send staff profiles, inclusive of education, and experience. Also, we can set up a phone call, video call, or face-to-face meeting before confirmation of your service.

What will the Babysitter/Childcarer do while my child is napping or sleeping?

While your child is sleeping, our team members will be clearing any equipment (sanitizing bottles, emptying nappy bins) or tidying away the toys and supplies. They may also prepare for the continuation of your child’s routine once they wake.

Is there anything that the Mother & Baby Specialist cannot do?

Your Mother & Baby Specialist is not licensed to administer any medications or take your child swimming. Direct supervision and care for your child should be their top priority. They are not permitted to carry out household chores that are not related to the immediate care of your child.

Can I request the same Staff every time?

You can request a reservation of your preferred staff member by booking in advance. For long-term service bookings, one team member will be assigned to your child, with changes during their annual leave or in case of sickness. For short-term/adhoc bookings, the staff assigned will depend on availability. We will always try to schedule your preferred staff member if she is available.

What if I have a last-minute request?

For last-minute requests, our customer service team will always try to accommodate your booking. We ask for a minimum notice period of 4 hours. Any less than four hours could result in additional charges.

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