Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Session

Terms and Conditions

1. I give my consent for the Prenatal Breastfeeding Specialist to work with me and my baby during this consultation for my breastfeeding problem/concern. This consent is for in-person visits, as well as phone conversations.

2. I understand that a lactation consultation may involve:

  1.  Touching my breasts and/or nipples for the purposes of assessment
  2. Inserting gloved fingers into my baby’s mouth to assess suck.
  3. Observation of a breastfeed, and suggestions to enhance latch or positioned.
  4. Demonstration and use of equipment or supplies that may be recommended.
  5. Demonstration of techniques designed to improve breastfeeding

3. I understand a partial or follow-up visit is sometimes necessary.  I understand that breastfeeding supplies and/or breast pumps may be recommended as effective management of specific situations.

4. I understand that I am responsible for informing the Lactation Specialist of changes I feel are necessary in the care path at the time of the visit or during the course of follow-up communications. I understand it is my responsibility to call the Lactation Specialist with progress reports, questions or concerns.

5. I give my consent for Lactation Specialist to use clinical information and any photographs obtained during our sessions for conferring with other health care providers and education of mothers about lactation.

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