5 Things to Know When Having a Babysitter

Your child is your adorable bundle of joy you don’t ever wish to be out of your sight. But sometimes, it is necessary to part with them, whether it be for work or just to have a little me-time. If you don’t have parents to watch over the kids for you, it can be a challenge to do these things. There can be no compromise on ensuring that the babysitter you get is the absolute best for your child. It is at this point that you’d consider getting a babysitter rather than just relying on your parents to cover for you. But this is your child we’re talking about; there can be no compromise on ensuring that the babysitter you get is the absolute best for your child.

With that in mind, here is a list of 5 things you should know when getting a babysitter:


There should be no question when it comes to experience. is should come as a no brainer Y; you don’t wouldn’t want a sitter who’s never held a baby before, what if there’s an emergency, what if your child is crying and the sitter simply doesn’t know what to do? Ensure you know what prior experience they have, whether with raising cousins, nephews, siblings, or best-case professional qualifications and training. Checking on their expertise as well as their educational background can also help you determine whether or not they have the experience to take care of your child. You can’t trust someone who has never sat a baby before.


Picture this, you have something important to get done, so you give your sitter a ring, they say they’ll be there, but the decision time comes and goes, and the sitter is nowhere to be found.

Of course, emergencies happen, but a consistent trend is inexcusable; You want a sitter who respects your time and the job they have. Someone who knows to take action whenever there is an emergency or someone who can take decisions for your child’s safety in your absence. You want to be able to schedules things and know you’ll follow through, not having to cancel abruptly because your sitter didn’t feel like showing up on time. is unable to show up. 


Nothing is more important than ensuring your child’s safety. You can only truly rest easy if you know that if something goes wrong, they are in good hands. Accordingly, it’s essential to know your sitter’s medical capability. Can they perform CPR? The Heimlich maneuver? Do they have any training in first aid? It’s important to verify all that before hiring a babysitter. Your baby’s safety comes first!

Love and Care

You don’t want your child to be neglected at the hands of their sitter.; Ideally, your sitter should be a positive and, learning influence., certainly not a negative one

Will they imprint good habits onto your child? Will they help transition them onto solid food, ensuring that they are healthy and clean? Handling a baby and nurturing him are two different things. Find yourself a babysitter who knows not only how to look after a child but to nurture him with compassion and a positive learning experience as well.


Your sitter needs to know when to put their foot down when it’s time. Such as when it’s time for a bath or to go to sleep. You need someone polite and caring, but knows how to deal with tantrums too!


Your child is important. It’s every bit as important to ensure that whoever they’re alone with will take good care of them. At Manzil Healthcare Services, we offer a high-quality professional babysitting service, one which fulfills the above criteria and beyond so that you may rest at ease that your child is in good hands.

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